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Web Guru services provided Bulk sms service India, Hyderabad. If you need to send out high volumes of text messages in one go e.g. running competitions and marketing campaigns, sending notifications to employees, notifying customers of deals, promotions and events etc, then use the table below to determine which product is best suited to your needs based on how many SMS messages you wish to send at one time.

The most economic marketing method existing today is Sms short code India SMS Marketing. SMS has made its marks not only in marketing area but in other fields as well. Apart fromindustries, corporate bodies like Banks uses SMS to alert customers on account transactions, Stock exchange gives tips to share holders on share movements via SMS, Schools informs students on admission tips, status and exams results via SMS. Hotels informs customers of their services via SMS while customers can also make reservations through SMS. In fact, there is no sphere of human endeavour that has not been affected by SMS revolution.Not only it is affordable for any kind of organisation ranging from educational to business, It also requires minimal training and is platform independent.